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What is your name? 

My name is Richard 

Where are you from?

I’m from Brazil 

How old are you?

I’m 16

what’s your personal blog?

Do you have tattoos?

There is not one. But I will do As soon as possible

Do you follow back?

Who knows if I like your tumblr

How many followers do you have?

why does this matter?


how can I submit a picture?

Do you post all the submissions?


Why don’t you post all the pictures I submitted?

If you are not filling my inbox with repeated pictures I will post all

Why don’t you reply my questions?

I rarely answer if you’re an anon, I like to reply privately.


Photos belong to their respective owners, I dont claim ownership over any of them. If you see a picture I posted and it’s yours, and you want to remove it or add credits in the photo, just leave a message in my ask box. Thank you!